In this article I'll share the details on how to setup Sybology's C2 Backup Service on your NAS. I while ago I covered the basics and pricing of Synology C2, if you're interested in learning more you can head there first.

The DS1618+ is now available for purchase! It's a 6-bay unit that can pack up to 72 TB of data, given you use 12 TB drives.

The unit features a retail price of $799.99 but I've already seen some deals that shave some off this total.

State of Cloud Gaming - Q4 2017

November 3, 2017

Welcome to the first iteration of TPT's quarterly State of Cloud Gaming address! This is a great start for the best place to find a summary of what the Cloud Gaming scene looks like. There will be a lot of information that future iterations will add so make sure to check back in the future.

Cloud Gaming w/ Star Wars Battlefront

August 21, 2017

I've been working on testing Star Wars Battlefront for my Cloud Gaming Head2Head series! After three rounds of testing on each performance tier, I took those results and averaged those for this graph. The reason is simple, some maps seem to have a noticable level of increased demand. By only taking results from a single match, then I feel these results would be much less acurate!