ColorFabb will Soon Match RAL Colors with Color on Demand

May 27, 2018

In a rather surprising but welcome announcement, ColorFabb will start offering RAL matched colors! There's already a decent list of colors that will be available on day one, but the goal is to match any RAL color in PLA in the future. Over three dozen colors have already made it through the proof-of-concept phase and more will come on a weekly basis after the service is launched.


This new service will come at a cost, with each 2KG spool starting at €75. Volume discounts will be available, but this does put this filament over twice the price of their standard PLA. Lead times are also significantly longer than standard filaments too, with existing colors requiring 5-8 business days and new colors requiring 2-3 weeks!


Despite the high price, I do see this service as being a great addition to ColorFabb's filament lineup. Having an exact color doesn't matter too much for practical prints, jigs and similar prints. For design based prints however, this new service could be a massive improvement over current offerings on the market! At this time, there isn't an exact date for when this new service will launch.






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