Aug 31 at 1:15am

Cloud Gaming w/ Star Wars Battlefront

I've been working on testing Star Wars Battlefront for my Cloud Gaming Head2Head series! After three rounds of testing on each performance tier, I took those results and averaged those for this graph. The reason is simple, some maps seem to have a noticeable level of increased demand. By only taking results from a single match, then I feel these results would be much less accurate! One of the best examples of why this was important is the minimum performance of the Gamer plan which seemed to fluctuate greatly. It ranged from hitting a minimum of 0 FPS in one match to a minimum of 31 FPS in another. With only a single match of testing it would be easy to miss this wild fluctuation.

The graph above covered our Minimum FPS, Maximum FPS and Average FPS for each performance tier and all three of those data points averaged over three matches. I think this gives a good idea of the performance you should expect but it doesn't show the entire picture. For that I decided to take on of the matches and plotted my FPS for the entire match on a single graph. I took the shortest match length and end the data at that point.

As you can see here, the Gamer plan while having a respectable average FPS, has some very bad dips. I did all benchmarking on Ultra so turning the settings down quite a bit may allow the Gamer plan to have a stable experience. Seeing as both Parsec and LiquidSky peformed without any weird issues at all during my testing, the best option for Star Wars Battlefront will mainly be decided by Price to Performance.


On that note, I believe that Liquid Sky's Pro Tier gives you the best bang for your buck. The P5000 performed excellent but is almost overkill for Star Wars Battlefront and with that knowledge I think the GPU+ tier from Paperspace will give you better price to performance. If having the highest graphics aren't you're highest priority you can turn down the settigns to High on the GPU+ tier from Paperspace and have an experience very similar to the LiquidSky Pro tier! The dips in the Gamer tier from LiquidSky are quite nasty so without further testing on lower settings, I'd avoid playing on this tier.


Thanks for reading!