Synology Launches the DS1618+

May 22, 2018

The DS1618+ is now available for purchase! It's a 6-bay unit that can pack up to 72 TB of data, given you use 12 TB drives. It can be combined with two DX517 expansion units for a total of 192TB. The base unit comes with 4 GB of ram, but it can be upgraded to a total of 32 GB. It also has a spare PCI-E slot that currently has support for two different add-ons at this time. Finally, the servers comes with a quad core Intel Atom processor running at 2.1 GHz. With all that said, this machine packs quite a bit of power and has room for plenty of future upgrades.

The unit features a retail price of $799.99 but I've already seen some deals that shave some off this total.



PCI-Express Expansion






The M2D17 features dual M.2 slots, allowing you to create a very fast SSD cache without sacrificing full size slots and thus storage capacity. It may be possible to also utilize this as a small but very speedy volume for active projects such as video editing. The only use-case officially specified is the SSD cache though.










The E10G17-F2 features dual 10 GBe SFP+ ports, allowing high speed access over your network! SFP+ ports are becoming more popular for high-speed connections over your network.








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