Blade Announces Hive

The company behind Shadow, has recently announced their Hive community! In a video released yesterday they revealed the new program that current Shadow users can now apply to be granted access to. My initial impression of Hive is it appears to be a mix between Parsec’s Party Finder with a bit of Mixer.

At this time we don’t know a lot of details about the full features of this new community. Hive will allow you to create parties for your favorite games, and watch gameplay in real-time! It will even grant your friends the ability to take control of the game. This could allow you to play local multiplayer games over the internet similar to a popular feature of Parsec.

Some features could need developer support, but this could enable the next generation of streaming and cloud gaming. The Hive community could allow for a much more personal streaming experience with a smaller group of fans. Mixer for instance allows interactive streaming, but what if one of your fans could actually control your character for a brief moment! Keep an eye out here for updates in the near future, once we get access to Hive beta.

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