Xbox Gamepass Coming to Nintendo Switch?

In an earlier episode of the Cloud Gaming Report, we discussed how Microsoft was planning on bringing Xbox Live to more platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Now, this is something that would be very difficult to do without some cooperation from Nintendo. With today’s news, it seems the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft may be stronger than I would have ever imagined.

Not only is Microsoft bringing Xbox Live to the Switch, but they may also bring a large portion of the Xbox game library too using Project XCloud. According to the rumor, the announcement may be made as early as this year. Project XCloud isn’t expected to make its debut until 2020, but it’s likely that we’ll learn more about the upcoming service at E3 this year.

The Switch isn’t a stranger to cloud gaming as Capcom has been testing the waters with game streaming. Last year they brought Resident Evil 7 to the Switch via cloud gaming to much success, although it was a limited rollout and not available worldwide. When news broke Microsoft was planning to bring Xbox Live to more platforms, I had the hunch that this would be the stepping stone for Project xCloud.

Share your thoughts on this rumor in the comments below. Would you be excited to play Xbox games on the Nintendo Switch?


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