Play Your Physical Games in the Cloud

In this article, I’ll share the details on how to make an ISO of your physical games so you can easily transfer them to your cloud server and play them anywhere! This is also a great way to backup your classic physical games to ensure playability years in the future even if these classics get damaged!

Step 1: Make an ISO of your Disk

Download and Install Daemon Tools Light.

After downloading click on the New Image tab on the left sidebar.

1) Choose your DVD drive, whether that is an internal or external device.

2) Choose where you want to save your Disk Image. To make it easy to transfer your games to the cloud you can save these in your Dropbox or OneDrive account for instance.

3) Ensure the format is ISO.

After you’ve followed the above steps click start and wait for the process to finish. Depending on the size of your game this may take a while to finish!

Step 2: Mount Your Disk Image

Now that you’ve created your disk image, it’s time to mount it so that it will act essentially as a physical drive. To do so, you can right click on the Quick Mount option in the bottom left of the program. In the dialog that pops up, you’ll see an option to Mount.

This will open a prompt where you can select your ISO file. Navigate to where you decided to save your disk image. Select the disk image you want to mount and click Open! That’s it. As far as your PC is concerned this will operate just like any disk, but has the advantages of being very easy to transport and backup as it’s a single file!

You can mount multiple drives at the same time if you want. When you’re done playing your game and want to “Eject” your disk image, simple right click on the mounted drive in the bottom left. You’ll then see a dialog with an option to Unmount. Click that and you’re done!

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