Synology C2 Backup – Setup Guide

In this article, I’ll share the details on how to setup Synology’s C2 Backup Service on your NAS.

Step 1

To begin you much first have Hyper backup installed. If you don’t, click on the main menu then choose the Package Center. Search for Hyper Backup and install it to proceed. Now that you’ve got Hyper Backup installed we need to install it by going to the main menu and clicking on the Hyper Backup application. On the bottom left, you’ll see a + icon. Clicking on it will allow you to create a new backup task!

Step 2

Select the option for the Synology C2 cloud backup and click next.

Step 3

This will bring up a browser prompt asking you to sign in to your C2 account. If you don’t have one, then create one at this point and select the plan that’ll work for you. After you login, you will see the amount of storage used our of your total allotment. Quick Tip: You can backup multiple Synology servers to a single C2 account. Check the box at the bottom left and then click Yes.

Step 4

Name your backup task directory. This is the name you will see in the Synology C2 Web portal.

Step 5

Choose the folders you want to backup to your C2 Backup target. You can click the triangle next to each shared folder to select only certain sub-folders. If you have multiple volumes, you can also backup shared folders from different volumes in a single task.

Step 6

Now you can select applications running on your Synology server to backup. The amount of space required to back up these applications isn’t specified so if you’re getting close to your storage allotment then you may need to upgrade to a higher capacity plan.

Quick Note on Drive: If you are running the Drive application, that backing it up will also select all shared folders that are enabled through Drive.

Step 7

There’s a lot going on this page so bear with me and we’ll get through it all!

Task: Name displayed in the hyper backup list.
Bandwidth Limitation: As the name implies this lets you control how much bandwidth the C2 backup can consume.
Backup Schedule: In this field, you can control the day(s) that this backup will run and at which time the backup will run. There are automatic settings for weekdays, weekend days or daily. In addition, you can manually choose individual days the backup will run.
Integrity Check: This will run only once per week and will ensure your backups are error free.
Enable Client-side Encryption: This will allow you to provide a password which WILL be required to restore data from your backup. Keep this password SAFE and Secure. You can decrypt files from the C2 web portal too.

Step 8

We’ve reached the end! See that wasn’t too hard. Your backup will now display in the Hyper Backup list. You can see the current status of the backup, as well as easily see the size of the backup database. Check back soon for a guide on how to restore files from your C2 backup.

2 thoughts on “Synology C2 Backup – Setup Guide

  1. Today my backup to Synology C2 failed after I activated firewall yesterday evening. Which port do I need to open for Synology C2 ? Error says that he can not reach the Synology C2 target for backup.


    1. Hey I didn’t see your comment right away. If you’re having an issue try these ports:

      6281 (multi-version backup)
      22 (if encrypted over SSH)
      873 (remote data copy)


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