The Shadow Ghost is Now Available!

Today is the day! The Shadow Ghost is now available to purchase by Shadow subscribers for $139.95 which includes shipping. Then Ghost will be a great fit for a living room setup for Shadow with its small size and fanless design.

If you purchase a Ghost console, then Shadow is hosting a contest for the best setups. The full list of gifts isn’t listed but they did mention that the best setup will win a 144-hertz monitor

How to participate:

1) Check our blog article for the craziest Shadow setups.
2) Click on the “Shadow content creator kit” button at the top of this page to get your assets.
3) Create your own setup and publish it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #CRAZYSETUPS. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

The best setups will be picked up by our team for our next Blog article and will win gifts,including a 144Hz monitor.

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