Synology C2 Backup – How to Restore Files

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to restore files from your Synology C2 backup using the Hyper Backup application on your Synology. This is the best way to recover files from your C2 backup, but there is also the web portal for Synology C2. I won’t be covering that in the article but will in a future post. If you haven’t set up a backup using Synology’s C2 backup service, you can follow my guide on that.

Step 1

To get started, launch your Synology web portal and click on the main menu. From there you should see the Hyper Backup application, launch it.

Step 2

You should now see your C2 backup. If you have several backups, then you will be able to identify it using the icon. Once you’ve selected your C2 Backup Task you can click on the backup explorer icon as indicated in the screenshot to the right.

Step 3

During setup of the backup, you had the option on encrypting the data. If you did you will now be prompted to enter the password or use the encryption key that was created at the time of creating your backup.

Step 4

If you select an entire shared folder, you can’t restore files. You’ll need to select subfolders from that shared folder. After doing you’ll notice that the “Copy to…” and “Restore” buttons at the top will now become active.

Step 5

“Copy to…” will allow you to copy the select folder[s] to any location on your Synology that your user has access to. This is great if you want to restore a project to an earlier time in history but don’t want to totally over-write the data for that project.

“Restore” will copy the selected backup data over the current version of the data. Use this option if you need to completely re-build from a backup. This is also perfect if your network was hit with a Ransom-ware!

You can now restore data from your backup using one of the two above options!

Additional Information

Timeline: At the bottom of the window you will see a timeline. This allows you to go further back in time to restore data based upon your versioning settings. This could be particularly useful if your data gets hit by malware!

Download: If you select a single file you can now see the download button will become active.

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