Microsoft Talks Project xCloud on Inside Xbox

In a recent Inside Xbox video, Microsoft hosted a short discussion on Project xCloud. Two major topics from the discussion was that the aim is not to replace consoles but really to supplement them. The second major topic was that Microsoft intends to launch public testing later this year.

In the video, the two hosts talk about how Project xCloud will deliver a streamless game experience. With cloud saves you will be able to play a game on your Xbox then jump to your phone for instance. What was missing was the original narrative that Project xCloud would deliver a hybird form of cloud gaming where some aspects of the game are still calculated locally such as collision detection. In the Interview they talk about how nothing will need to be done by developers to enable compatibility with Project xCloud. Only time will tell, but hopefully that is just for baseline compatibility and we see additional features that are available for game developers to take advantage of. For instance, the previously mentione dability to perform collision detection locally would go a long way into eliminating one of cloud gaming’s biggest hurdles; Latency.

What are your thoughts on Project xCloud? Did you find anything interesting in the Inside Xbox video? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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