Parsec adds Exclusive Input, Custom Hotkeys and Rumble Support

In the latest update for Parsec, they added several new features and have fixed a handful of bugs. The first new feature is the ability to set cutom hotkeys for the various actions within the Parsec client. The following screenshot shows the full list of actions that can be assigned a cutom hot key.

Beyond that, Rumble support has been added for Windows and Linux clients. While this may seem like a minor feature, it’s something I’m sure many gamers will appreciate. The final feature that was added to the latest update is exclusive input support. This feature – if enabled, allows just one user to control the mouse and keyboard. The PC owner will always be able to grab instant control – whether playing locally or remotely. Other users can grab control after a short duration of inactivity.

To conclude today’s post we’ll list the bugs that have been fixed in the new version.

  • Memory leak fixed when host is missing an audio device
  • Chat messages once again appear in the host chat window when clients send messages in-stream
  • Fixed a bug affecting certain Android phones that would cause an error on connection
  • Better error messaging on the Raspberry Pi on authentication / 2FA errors

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