Microsoft Details Project xCloud at GDC

Microsoft detailed aspects of the Cloud Aware APIs and their Touch Adaptation kit at GDC. These two developer tools will allow games to easily be ported to xCloud. The Cloud Aware APIs are designed to adapt traditionally console-style games to the way gamers generally play mobile games. One aspect they pointed out, is that gaming sessions for mobile games are generally shorter than gaming sessions on their consoles. Using the Cloud Aware APIs will allow developers to change aspects of their games such as save states, text size and menu layouts depending on the device the user is currently using.

The next developer tool is the Touch Adaptation kit. In the above picture, I’m showing a controller clip which is a common accessory for cloud gamers trying to play pc games on their mobile devices. Microsoft’s new developer kit removes the need for a controller clip by adapting the traditional controller layout to on-screen buttons.

Both of these developer tools will make the process of making games fully compatible with xCloud a relatively simple process. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of touch controls, mainly because I have larger hands that block my view of the game I’m trying to play! With that said, it’s not always practical to carry a controller along with you, so I definitely see the use case.

With Stadia and xCloud we can start to see some benefits of these larger companies entering the cloud gaming market. Google and Microsoft have the size the entice developers to utilize their custom developer tool that will make cloud gaming a more seamless experience. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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