Project xCloud Could Launch with 3,500+ Games!

Due to the efforts of Microsoft and their dedication to backwards capability, xCloud could technically launch with 3,500+ games. Once a game is made available on the Xbox One, developers don’t need to maintain a seperate code base or really do anything for the game to be compatible with xCloud. There are additional features developers can support with a update that allow them to detect when a game is being streamed. This could be used to adjust the UI to improve the experience on smaller screens or devices with touch screens.

Another interesting feature mentioned is that developers could utilize the new features to host multiplayer matches on a single server. This could essentially eliminate latency between the xCloud hosr and the multiplayer server. This latency is something that all players have to deal with – but nearly eliminating it would help compensate for the latency that players will experience between their local device and the xCloud host. This ability could go a long way towards solving one of the biggest issues of cloud gaming.

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