Xbox E3 Show – Project xCloud LiveBlog

The liveshow is starting now! We’re expecting some Project xCloud news from Microsoft’s Xbox event so stay tuned as I liveblog the livestream for Cloud Gaming related news!

Update #1: 34 Games in today’s liveshow will premiere on Xbox Game Pass. The PC version of which was recently announced at $5 per month! One year of subscription is the same price of a single AAA title, so this seems like a no-brainer especially with some huge titles such as Halo coming to the PC in the near future.

Update #2: Not cloud gaming related but Jedi: The Fallen Order looks great! Looks like they’re bring back characters from Rogue One. I haven’t heard much about this game prior to the show so that may be old news…

Update #3: If Cyberpunk 2077 looks half as good as they’re showing people are going to NEED cloud computing to run it.

Update #4: Xbox Gamepass for PC is launching in Open Beta today! As far as I know, the only cloud gaming service you can use this with currently is Shadow.

Update #5: xCloud News Finally!!! All game developers got access to xCloud two months ago. Everyone at E3 will be able to get hands-on with xCloud. Microsoft is launching two options, you can use the datacenter based xCloud that we’ve been discussing since it was first announced. Microsoft is also allowing you to stream your own Xbox accross the internet. Launching in October!

Update #6: Project Scarlett will launch Holiday 2020. Seeing as we’re getting xCloud a year early it’s likely it won’t have the same specs but it’s quite possible the xCloud will get an update shortly after launch. Scarlett is suppossed to be 4x as powerful as the Xbox One X and capable of 120 FPS.

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