Shadow Launching Two New Datacenters?

Shadow support have been sharing a coverage map of current datacenters. It’s also posted to the top of their official subreddit. While at first glance this just seemed like a very useful tool to determine if Shadow was available in your area and how close the datacenter actually is to you. On second glance I noticed a checkbox for coming soon that is unchecked by default.

Checking this box shows two new datacenters here in the United States. One located in Miami, Florida and the second Seattle, Washington. Outside of the Miami pin being placed out the Atlantic Ocean, this datacenter seems to be set in stone. It actually has a polygon associated with it indicating this new datacenter will cover Alabama, Florida & Georgia. The location doesn’t make a ton of sense though as distance directly correlates to latency. A datacenter based in northern Florida would have honestly made more sense to offer a better experience to those in Alabama & Georgia.

The Seattle datacenter offers just as many questions as it does answers. Currently this datacenter doesn’t have a polygon associated with it, so it doesn’t seem clear what states it will serve at this time. Simply going off the distances we’ve seen from previous datacenters, I’d bet that Idaho, Montana & Washington will be covered from the Seattle datacenter. Oregon is already covered by the San Jose, California datacenter but would honestly make sense to include it in the Seattle datacenter’s coverage area.

It’s doubtful that Oregon would be relocated under the Seattle datacenter though. The last time I looked into moving from one datacenter to another, it required starting with a fresh virtual PC. I doubt this is a process that Shadow wants to force upon users. However, I could see Shadow possibly making it the default datacenter for new users who live in Oregon.

That still leaves four states without coverage; Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. To offer a good experience, Shadow will still need at least one more datacenter. Utah and Colorado are both logical locations that would easily cover these last four states.

Shadow had originally commited to full coverage of the U.S. by the end of the year. There is still a lot of work to be done, but this recent discovery is showing the Shadow may be getting pretty close to completing their coverage of the U.S.

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