Understanding the SolarWinds Hack

In what may be known as the biggest hack of the decade, a malicious update to SolarWinds’s Orion software has opened a backdoor into potentially thousands of businesses. Orion is a software platform for IT management and monitoring. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why this software would be on so many servers as it’s designed to help IT admins manage the quickly expanding infrastructure that powers modern businesses. Continue reading Understanding the SolarWinds Hack

Stadia Launch Details: Pricing, Launch Date and More!

When Founder’s Edition: Late 2019 (Rumors indicate November) $130 bundle: Chromecast Ultra Stadia Controller 3 months of Stadia Pro for you and a friend Destiny 2 Collection Everyone Else: 2020 What Devices Desktops, TV (via Chromecast), Tablets and Pixel 3 and 3a phones. Pricing Stadia Base FREE! Up to 1080P @ 60 FPS Stadia Pro $9.99/month Up to 4K Resolution w/ HDR @ 60 FPS … Continue reading Stadia Launch Details: Pricing, Launch Date and More!

Nvidia GeForce Now to Add Credits?

EricPlayz132 on the Nvidia community forums has discovered a leak into a possible change in the near future for GeForce Now. In a recent update Eric found an error message stating that “You’ve been disconnected because you’ve run out of credits.” It’s important to keep in mind that this is purely a leak and may never see the light of day. It’s common in the … Continue reading Nvidia GeForce Now to Add Credits?